That’s My Quarterback — TBA

Baller Story

The whistle blows.

The huddle breaks.

As we look on from the sideline a brash YOUNG GUNSLINGER drops back for one last attempt at 2 minute drilled heroics.

He surveys the field.

Holding the ball a second longer than he normally would…

A pass rusher breaks free on his left. In response, he decides to scramble right. While darting towards the sideline a receiver breaks route and finds a seam behind the secondary.

The gunslinger spots him, and with his body contorted makes a side winding throw to the opposite side of the field. The ball leaves his hand tightly spiraled, but before he can see the outcome of the pass: The pass rusher stalking him lays a ferocious hit to the gunslingers’ exposed rib cage moments before his feet return to the ground.

The impact of the blow causes him to land violently. Everything is moving in slow motion and the gunslinger can’t breath after tasting the hulking defenders spear.

As he lay gasping for air, blood begins to trickle into one of his eyes. From a cut across the bridge of his nose caused by his helmet as he made contact with the ground.

The assassin continues to lay on top of the gunslinger, as the crowd goes wild after the catch. Staring intensely into the eyes of the injured gunslinger for several seconds before growling:

“Tic Tock, you know why…”

The gunslingers teammates are celebrating the touchdown catch to end the half when a few lineman notice the defender pinning their quarterback to the ground.

Without a moments hesitation they rush to his aide!

Three of the larger guys on his offensive line slam into the defender knocking him off of the gunslinger. Then stand guard over their quarterback, who lay prone, with the wind knocked out of him near the opposing teams sideline.

In response, the referee throws a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Moments later the away teams trainers help the gunslinger to the sideline. While his teammates kick the extra point tying the game at 21 going into halftime.

Moments after the final whistle of the half, on the opposite side of the field.

The home team is entering the tunnel which heads to the main locker room.

Near the tunnel entrance GUS GREEN takes a second to speak to his wife who looks distressed while waving to get his attention frantically.

“They took it Augustus, they took all of it.”

After calming her down he finds out that she is referring to the wives & girlfriends jewelry.

As the wife of the home teams quarterback it is customary for her to lead a group of spouses & girlfriends to the visiting teams luxury box to welcome the opposing teams wives & girlfriends on game day.

Today’s visit was interrupted by a robbery!

Two masked men casually walked into the luxury box, flashed semi automatic weapons and instructed the ladies to drop all of the jewelry in a bag or else they would pull the firearms.

In a panic the women followed the robbers instructions. Primarily because they noticed that all of the security staff working in the luxury box had disappeared minutes before the robbers arrival. Leaving only the wait staff & the ladies.

Before exiting with the bag full of jewelry the robbers surveyed the entire room. The last assailant out of the door turned towards the frightened women & exited with an ominous message:

“Tic Tock, he knows why.”

She looked as if a weight has been lifted from her shoulders after telling him the story. Gus thanks her for coming to him first, as he comforts his still visibly shaken wife in the tunnel.

While hugging his wife, he apologizes for the incident, then gives her the following instructions:

“Go back to the owners box & enjoy the second half. Nothing to worry about.”

She complies. He smiles at her as she is escorted to a private elevator.

As soon as she is out of eye sight, the smile he was wearing changes to a scowl. He barrels down the tunnel throws his shoulder pads & helmet to a trainer then proceeds to tell his lineman:

“Take notes for me fellas — I’ll be back before the end of halftime.”

After placing a quick phone call to RAYMOND ROBERSON, Gus receives a location on the perps: They are members of an organization that books a penthouse suite across the street from the stadium on game days.

Gus signals his driver and they discreetly exit through the hidden passage for V.I.P.’s the players call the ‘Bat Cave.’

“You are slipping out through the Bat Cave mid-game?!”

Gus looks back at his driver intensely.

“We got to handle something.”

The driver recognizes the menacing look in his eyes. A look that only arrives in secluded places, when the lights are low & something ain’t right.

Cut To:

Elevator: Hotel across the street from the stadium.

“Room 1204”

Fortunately, for them the suites in this hotel are so large that there are only 4 per floor. Reducing the likelihood of an unexpected run-in with a random guest.

Gus knows that the more people see him outside of the stadium at halftime the harder it will be to explain the situation to the press.

The duo quickly arrive at room 1204 and they are welcomed in by one of THE BOSS’s guys.

The guest in the room look shocked and excited to see the hometown hero stopping by mid game. The Boss stands up shakes his hand then ask:

“It must be my birthday! Did you come over to get some tips for the second half!”

The room laughs as The Boss drops back like he is about to throw a pass with an invisible ball.

“I wish! You always have the moves, but another time. I came over today because I heard about some missing jewelry.”

THE ROBBER stands up and takes credit for the heist with a — cat that ate the canary grin painted across his mug.

“The kid owes me money — he should know better than to come to our city with an unpaid tab!”

The room begins to laugh again. Until, Gus starts walking towards him as if he is going to congratulate him for tuning up the opposition.

As he gets within striking distance the charismatic smile turns serious… Gus pins the robber to the wall with enough force to have his feet hovering off the ground!

“If I didn’t have to finish the game — I would put you down where you stand! My wife was in that room, along with the wives of several of our teams players when you idiots …”

The Boss signals for a few guys who were thinking about approaching the quarterback to stand down. He reminds the quarterback of who he is grabbing, but also expresses sympathy.

He understands how Gus feels, & they both agree that the home teams wives and girlfriends should never have been involved.

Nonetheless, the debt must be paid. Gus says that he will pay the young gunslingers debt if all the jewelry is returned.

The room agrees. Gus word is bond in his city. So the perps retrieve the jewelry in good faith.

The mood in the room is tense, but a business arrangement has been reached.

As Gus prepares to leave the room his driver grabs the bag of jewelry & Gus exits with a tip:

“All tied up at the half, but smart money will have us covering the spread in the second!”

The Boss nods in approval. While some of his guys fight the urge to lash out as the quarterback leaves the room.

As the elevator doors close he informs his driver that they have one more stop to make.

Around 10 minutes later, the quarterback makes it back to the locker room as the team prepares to head back onto the field for the 2nd Half.

He grabs his shoulder pads, cleats & helmet then ask with a charismatic smile:

“Fellas what did I miss!”

The offense shakes their heads in unison as he calls for the group to bring it in:

“Victory on Three.”

One. Two. Three.


The two teams start to barrel out of the tunnels for the 2nd half as the crowd cheers in approval.

Before the young gunslinger can reach the field he is stopped by his wife. He looks confused, as his visibly shaken wife brings his ear close to her lips.

“Your tab has been paid, but the debt has been transferred. Two turnovers in the third is your 1st payment. Tick Tock.”

He stares back at her nervous face, nods, kisses her on the cheek & tells her to stay close to the team security guard who accompanied her to the visitors tunnel in the raucous stadium.

Cut To:

The Final Whistle. From the Press Box.

Commentators 1:

“After a tightly contested start it looks like that big hit before half may have been more impactful than we first imagined.”

Commentator 2:

“He played brilliantly in the first, but wasn’t the same player after halftime.”

Commentator 1:

“He’s young — he’ll bounce back. I’m sure that’s what Gus is telling him right now after a brilliant display in the 2nd half by the veteran.”

After the game the veteran quarterback sprints across field to encourage the young gunslinger who threw 3 interceptions in the second half.

“Great game rookie: You Work for me now. Tic Tock.”

The young gunslinger stares back at Gus with a shocked look painted across his face.

His helmet hides the look of shock from the cameras, but the silence speaks volumes.

Gus smacks him on the shoulder pads and then proceeds to talk to the media at the 50 yard line with a charismatic smile painted across his face.


“You played a great game tonight — especially in the 2nd half. How were you able to take advantage of all the turnovers?”

Gus shrugs a little as he wraps his arm around her shoulder and responds:

“I got a great group of guys around me & they would never forgive me if I didn’t take advantage of our opponents mistakes!”

Gus waves at the camera. Then he proceeds to head towards the locker room as the fans cheer.

Journalist [O.S.]

“Gus Green, always the opportunist!”

Gus phone rings on screen.

Raymond’s Voice. [O.S.]

“What did you do?!”

While jogging towards the locker room Gus replies smugly:

“What needed to be done Ray!”

Raymond [O.S.]

{sighs} “That’s my Quarterback.”

Gus puts the phone back in his jacket pocket & jogs into the tunnel.

Fade Out.



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