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Duct Tape Commodity

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Demand Supplies Perception, in the Land of Curmudgeon Posturing to Hide the Pain: A Place akin to Babel, where the Jolly Belly Jiggles for Christmas in July. A PrimeTime to check the Items Off your Xmas List or get Lost Inside Abyss.

All a part of the Pursuit of Bliss. Through Amazonian Gifts. But let us not Forget the Story of Amazons — Speaks to Power like Omari Chadwick & Poetics.

Killing It is the Cry, but only Matters After the Ring Ceremony.

Before the Win — a Fools Errand, for Troglodyte Blowhards Afraid of the Reflection in the Mirror.

Displaying True Cowardice in the Face of Pressure — Calling Names, but Changing Not a Damn Thang like John Henry Vs. The Steam Engine.

Future Shocked: Through Fragments of a the Broken Line & that is why Duct Tape remains a Commodity.

Welcome to the New Age Digital Odyssey.








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