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Irresistible Force Paradox

#JMT Series 2018

“What happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object?”

In the story of the spear & the shield, a man was trying to sell a spear and a shield. When asked how good his spear was, he said that his spear could pierce any shield. Then, when asked how good his shield was, he said that it could defend from all spear attacks. Then one person asked him what would happen if he were to take his spear to strike his shield; the seller could not answer. A shield no man can penetrate and a spear without an object it cannot penetrate cannot in the same world be established.

This Chinese idiom is a classic example of the irresistible force paradox.

I have spent several days pondering the implications of the paradox in pursuit of practical implications. On the surface it seemed supernatural and in turn it’s value was limited to metaphor & metaphysics, but upon further examination & quandary I was reminded of this line:

“Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.”

A line which I interpret to speak to the subconscious “instinctual” mind — can’t — and to the conscious “determined” mind — won’t — in its application.

What happens when a subconscious urge meets a conscious resolute desire?

They merge and either move forward faster or change direction, but in both cases — the motion is perpetual. Thus, no external force can be immovable to a resolute mind: Movement is relative and perspective is the primary factor impacting our relationship to external forces.

In life, the more you understand why things are happening, the better you can prepare for and respond to external factors.

People, places, & things will try to stand in your way, but at the end of the day — if you listen to your fast & slow thoughts — nothing can stop you, but you.


It’s easy to be weak & fall off. It takes another level of endurance to consistently get stronger, control the narrative and prosper.

Be #Aboutit

Key Take Aways

  • Reframe Your Problems.
  • Every advancement “couldn’t be done” until someone did it.
  • Aim for it. Fight for it, or get out of the way of the people who are willing to pay for tomorrow’s harvest.
  • “Those Who Work Hard Earn An Opportunity To Play Hard.” — Donte’ A. Bundrent
  • When you can’t apply your craft — sharpen your axe in preparation for the tree’s that have yet to come.
  • If you have been halted by an external force — seek help from a pro & keep pushing!


1 Comment

1 Comment

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